Looking out for your staff and visitors.

After months of uncertainty, businesses and organisations everywhere are more than ready to kick back into action. But how can they do it in a way that’s both efficient and safe?

The NHS Test and Trace service requires ongoing support from businesses everywhere. If one link in the chain breaks, the whole system falls apart. To accurately trace the spread of COVID-19 and minimise the chance of local outbreaks, businesses need to keep track of all staff, customers, or visitors to their premises in order to support the NHS.

That’s where Senc.UK can help. Offering a seamless, digital track and trace solution, you can keep your business or organisation running smoothly, safely, and fully compliant.

The current situation

After months in lockdown, the UK can return to work. But this isn’t without its risks. That’s why the NHS Test and Trace initiative exists - to keep the public safe. So when it comes to your workplace, how can you do your part?

Keeping track of every person who comes and goes from the office is a job in itself and something you might not have time to do effectively. And in line with current data privacy laws, as an organisation, you are responsible for the data you handle, meaning strict GDPR compliance is essential.

For larger organisations with offices across the country, this can be a logistical nightmare.

For co-working spaces that see a multitude of people from different businesses coming and going each day, this becomes even harder to track.

How Senc.UK can help

Senc.UK helps businesses just like yours get back on their feet quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Your staff might be anxious to get back to work, tired of the endless Zoom meetings. By investing in the right test and trace solution, you ensure you’re fully compliant, maximising business efficiency when returning to work, and keeping your staff and visitors safe.

You get the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to minimise virus spread. Your visitors and staff benefit from the confidence that Senc.UK is fully compliant, secure, and reliable.

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No matter your industry, if you need to keep track of everyone who comes through your business, Senc.UK helps with the logistics and keeps everything simple, efficient, and effective.