About us

To help businesses support the NHS’s test and trace efforts, we wanted to create an easy-to-use application that makes contact tracing simple for your business.

By using Senc.UK, you ensure your business is complying with all government regulations and WHO guidelines.
There’s no hassle of writing down customer details, storing it in a safe location, and remembering to destroy it after 21 days.

NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace is an integral aspect of the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By tracking where people have been, quick action can be taken to minimise any further spread, preventing local outbreaks.

As lockdown regulations are lifted, test and trace is there so we can all return to normal. As we continue to live our lives, it allows us to maintain control over the pandemic and play our part in keeping the country safe.

For plenty of industries, test and trace is essential. But with so many issues - including data collection, secure storage, human error, and data removal - it’s not the easiest process to maintain.

How Senc.UK works

As a business, once you sign up to use Senc.UK, you can log in, download the QR code, print it off, laminate, and place it near your front desk or on individual tables. Your visitors don’t need to waste time downloading an app - it’s a simple web form for them. From your account, you can see timestamps of registrations and analytics of your guests, but all personal information is kept private.

Visitors can register with your business in three ways:

Scanning the QR code with the venue details

QR Scanner

Entering a unique 6-digit token,

QR Scanner

On-premises registration using a phone or tablet

QR Scanner

Our goal was to produce a tool that’s fast and secure, putting privacy and ease-of-use at the centre. It only takes your visitors thirty seconds to register as a new customer and only ten seconds if they’re an existing one. The entire Senc.UK process is GDPR compliant and your business receives regular analytics and notifications to keep on-track and informed of your contact tracing process.

Safe, secure, and simple

With Senc.UK, we’ve created a solution that prioritises user privacy. Given the strict nature of GDPR, we guarantee full security over you and your guest’s personal data. We’re in charge of everything; from collecting customer data and storing it for 21 days in a secure data depository to disposing of everything and informing guests of confirmed virus cases.

If we receive news that a guest has tested positive, we will inform other visitors within minutes. There’s no waiting around for a call, no convoluted process, and no space for error or security breaches. It’s never been easier.

We’re fully web-based, making the whole process quick and simple. There’s no need for guests to install an app on their phone. Fast customer and employee registrations can be done in around 30 seconds using Facebook, Twitter, Apple login, or an email address.